Studying in Norway with free from study at Molde University College

Studying in Norway with free from study at Molde University College

Molde University College was established in 1994. The school has nearly 2,500 students and 200 staffs.

The university has three faculties: Faculty of Logistics, Faculty of economics and social security, health sciences and healthcare. All facilities are located in Molde, from the Molde town center of 3km. The University also has campuses in Kristiansund, where the school of Nursing and Petroleum Logistics.

With the motto is to make a difference and growing, the school is focused on the quality of teaching and research. It is always desired to provide students with the best and the most effective learning conditions. It is proud of school teachers and staff of highly quality and good relationships with the students. This always leaves the impression and great memories for students after graduation in Molde.

PhD program on Logistics is a program of international recognized with the highly qualified teacher in teaching and research. Since 2014, the school has been added a PhD program in Health Sciences and Social Security.

The curriculum

Molde University College – majoring in Logistics is provided programs taught in English for free.

–         International Master program includes areas:

  • Logistics
  • Engineering Logistics
  • Event Management
  • Sport Management

–     Logistics PhD program

Teaching methods:

Molde University College like the other universities in Norway in general is always encouraged students to be aware of self-study. Time for attending lectures at the school is about 10 to 15 hours per week and 4 to 8 hours of teamwork has been arranged. Students must also study at home and in the library with the equivalent amount of time.

Examinations and certificates:

Most of the courses take writing exams within 4 to 8 hours at the end of each semester. The final point of the exam will be based on these exams. Students will receive transcripts and course description for all courses attended.

Language Conditions

The official language of instruction at the school is Norwegian but some master programs of Logistics, Event Management or sports are taught in English.

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