Studying in Norway – the Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Studying in Norway – the Oslo School of Architecture and Design

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) is provided a unique education with a strong international position in the fields of architecture, urban, design and landscape architecture.

The school was founded in 1945, nowadays the school is built a foundation of solid national funds and notably ranked in the world.

Currently the school has 650 students. About 90 new students are admitted each year.

1. Convenient location

It is located in the heart of Oslo, along the Aker river, near the famous area of Grunerlokka. The school is located in a factory building which have been renovated, updated and modernized to suit the needs of schools and students.

The school has 4 institutes: – Institute of Architecture, Institute of Urbanism and Landscape, Institute of Model, Theory and History, and the Institute of Design – established an education at AHO.

2. Professional Training Program

AHO is offered a 5-year master program or 5 years and a half designed to best prepare students for direct entry into professional practice or academia.

AHO is awarded 3 types of master degree: Master of Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Industrial Design.

AHO is provided a single type of doctoral degree, Doctor of Philosophy.

3. Admission requirement

Students with a bachelor’s degree or higher education in architecture equivalent to at least three years of study, may apply for admission directly to the fourth year (Masters level) of the degree program of Master of Architecture at AHO.

 There is no tuition at AHO, students themselves pay for learning materials

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