Studying in Norway – Bergen University College

Studying in Norway – Bergen University College

About Bergen University College

Bergen University College (Hib) is a public educational institution in Norway established in August, 1994 based on the combination of the 6 independent colleges in Bergen. The main campus (Hib) is located in the northern Kronstad area of Bergen.

With over 7700 students, 750 faculty members and administrative staffs, each year there are more than 110 exchange students, Hib has become a school with dynamic learning environment, professional and internationally recognized in many areas such as : health sciences and social, engineering, economic sciences and administration, music and teaching.

Students studying in Hib were given a general commitment to teaching, research and knowledge transferring of best quality, helping students approach scholars of leading experts.

Bergen University College is taught at the Bachelor, Master, continuing education, and PhD degree at 3 faculties:

Faculty of Education,

Faculty of Engineering and Management,

Faculty of Health Society


  • General mechanical engineering
  • Community health
  • Film and theater
  • Energy Technology
  • Biology
  • Electronics
  • Information Technology
  • Social work
  • Nursing….

Master: Children’s Literature, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Physical Therapy, Preschool, Nursing, Music, Social Work,

Bergen is a port city in southwestern Norway, a capital of Hordaland county, the 2nd largest city in Norway, followed by the Oslo capital. Bergen is a center for marine vessels, fishery and culture. Manufacturing industries, including: steel, shipbuilding, fishing, food processing, electric equipment. Here there is the University of Bergen – a research university of high international standards was established in 1946.


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