Studying in Norway at the University of Stavanger (UIS)

Studying in Norway at the University of Stavanger (UIS)

University of Stavanger (UIS) is welcome a large number of international students and staff of the school each year and organized multiple projects, events and other cooperative activities annually.

1. UIS of international school in the area of development

With about 18% of Stavanger residents are originated from abroad, the UIS is located in a strong internationalization area. UIS is enrolled about 400 international students each year, and the school’s operational strategy aims to develop further in the coming years.

All levels of education are worked towards a higher international specialization, and it is part of the development strategy of the quality of learning and research, as well as dialogue between the school and external partners. An International Office is a place of international contacts of the partners and prospective students.

In cooperation and continuous dialogue with our partners in the region, nationally and internationally, the UIS is created an environment of openness and creativity in education, research, innovation, communication and related activities of the museum.

The education system at the University of Stavanger is organized into three faculties, including a total of 14 departments / schools and two national research centers, as well as the Museum of Archaeology. The university also has an organizational unit for lifelong learning called UIS Pluss. University of Stavanger, Norway; there are 10,100 students (in fall 2014) and the number of faculty, administrative and service staff include 1400.

Thư viện Đại học được chia thành 3 bộ phận: Tại Ullandhaug, tại cơ sở Bjergsted Park và tại Bảo tàng khảo cổ học, gần trung tâm thành phố Stavanger.

University Library is divided into 3 parts: At Ullandhaug, at the facility in Bjergsted Park and Archaeological Museum, near the city center of Stavanger.

2. Free tuition at the University of UIS

University of Stavanger is a public university without tuition. However, all students are required to pay a fee to register is 750 NOK / semester, except for exchange students. International students need to prepare cost of living when studying in Norway.

3. The average cost of living for a student

Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world and it is difficult to determine the exact cost of students in a year. However, as a capacity of each student, you can enjoy discounts and save your costs significantly. For Good management of the budget, you can enjoy diverse activities in Norway. Student housing price is ranged from about 3500 – 5050 NOK / 1 month.

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