Singapore Cambridge O-Level Examination

Singapore Cambridge O-Level Examination is the national high school graduation exam in Singapore. This exam takes place from October to November every year. Then the exam will be transferred to Cambridge University in the UK for marking. At the end of January of the following year, test scores will be sent back to Singapore for results.

Passing this exam, students will advance to the JC (2-year preparatory university for A-Level) or Poly (a 3-year Polytechnic Diploma).

– Exam registration time is from March 9 – 23, 2020.
Candidates must be (at least) 15 years old by January 1, 2020.
Candidates can register for the exam (maximum) 9 subjects. If the exam has less than 20 registered candidates, the exam will be canceled, the MOE will notify the candidate to change the subject or refund the exam fee.
– Each exam has many papers, candidates are required to take all the papers. If you skip the exam even only 1 paper, it will still be considered for dropping that subject.
– Exam fee (international student / student): S $ 100 + 7% GST. This fee is not convertible in all cases.
– Fee for each exam: as shown + 7% GST
– How to pay exam fee:
+ (1) Online payment by bank card: by March 23, 2020.
+ (2) Pay in cash, go to SingPost offices: from March 27 – April 3, 2020.
+ (3) Closing with NETs card, then S.A.M (Self-Automated Machine): from March 27 to April 20, 2020.
– The deadline for exam change is July 3, 2020. The change fee is S $ 20 / subject.

– Singapore applies inverse scores, so the smaller the score and the smaller the test, the better. C6 is the average score. From D7 to below is a fail.
– Passing 1 subject is still granted an O-Level degree.
– To enter the public JC (pre-university): L1R5 score (6 subjects) must be 20 or less.
– To enter public Poly (polytechnic colleges): ELR2B2 score (5 subjects) must be 26 or less.
– The O-Level course at SSTC includes 7 subjects as prescribed by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE): (1) English (EL); (2) Math; (3) Advanced math; (4) Ly; (5) Chemistry; (6) Accounting Principle (POA) & (7) Humanities (combined by 2 subjects of social studies & History).
– According to the above-mentioned scoring method, we RECOMMEND students to register for all 7 subjects. Because skipping a subject is to self-eliminate 1 opportunity for admission to the next public education level

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