James Cook University Singapore launches Bachelor of Data Science program

Following the success of Singapore’s top ranked training quality in Economics, Information Technology, Hotel Tourism .., James Cook University Singapore officially launched the major “Bachelor of Science. data ā€¯integrates fresh teaching content and rich practical knowledge.

For the world in general and Vietnam in particular, the need to find young scientists with high expertise in the field of science and technology seems to be increasingly becoming the top concern of the government and society. . Because, the society is increasingly developing, requiring us to adopt new technologies and new ideas to improve the quality of life. That is why career opportunities for scientists in data arrays and data analysis are huge.

According to the most recent studies in this major, graduate students can work in fields as diverse as data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, architects. data, business data analysts or data analysis managers with very good income, ranging from SGD 54,000 – 180,000 / year.

Details of the Bachelor of Science “Data Science”
Training time: 2 years
Entry requirements: Grade 12 GPA of at least 7.6; IELTS 6.0 (with no component score lower than 6.0). And must complete additional Math MA 1020.
Degree by James Cook University Australia
Opening: March, July, and November
Tuition: 61,632 SGD (2 years – divided into 6 times)
Curriculum structure: 6 terms / 2 years with 24 subjects.

Information of subjects:
1. Science, Technology and Truth (Science, Technology and Reality)
2. Modeling Natural System

3. Or Modeling Natural System – Advanced (Natural System Modeling – Advanced)

4. Fundamentals of Problem Solving and Programming I (Fundamentals of problem solving and programming I)

5. Mathematical Foundation (Mathematical Foundation)

6. Quantitative Methods in Science (Quantitative Methods in Science)

7. Or Quantitative Methods in Science – Advanced (Quantitative Methods in Science – Advanced)

8. Database Modeling

9. Sensors and Sensing for Scientists (Sensors and sensors for scientists)

10. Professional Placement

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