Introduction to EASB School Singapore

EASB Singapore is one of Singapore’s leading institutions. The school is famous for its business administration, finance, accounting, banking and especially the group of industries related to Hotel and Tourism Management.

Why choose to study at EASB Academy?
It was the first school in Singapore to receive the Edutrust certificate for 4 years
Being the first school to receive the certificate of SQC high quality class
Being the first school to achieve SME certification for two consecutive years 2010, 2011
EASB has a spacious private campus with full modern equipment, multimedia classrooms, academic center, multi-purpose hall, practice room and Wi-Fi system throughout the campus. In addition, EASB has 04 clubs for students to join and regularly organizes extracurricular programs such as sports festival; oversea speaker; charity, … for students inside and outside the school to participate in creating the most comprehensive and effective development environment.
EASB is the first and only private school in Singapore to use the schoolwide CESIM GAME program. Each student is allowed to play this program unlimited times and will get points for dissertation if the student and their team win. In 2013,2014 EASB students all won against the students of NUS University in the CESIM GAME competition held between schools.
EASB is one of the few schools in Singapore that has a paid internship program for students studying DLKS (with a salary of 800 – 1,000 SGD / month)
7 things proud and only available at EASB
EASB provides students with practical knowledge while sitting in the school chair, helping students to be ready to start work as soon as they receive a diploma.
EASB has a system and close relationships with partners that are companies, restaurants, and hotels with 4 – 6 star standards in Singapore. This is committed to providing internship opportunities for all students studying in the hotel tourism program at the school. And expanding job opportunities for all students of EASB
EASB has a team of teachers with extensive experience not only in the education sector but also in the industry. The lecturers at the school have a master’s degree or higher from famous schools in the world and have more than 20 years of working experience. Therefore, the lecturers not only teach students knowledge but also impart their own practical experiences, help students understand the work as well as gain practical experience.
EASB boasts state-of-the-art learning facilities. With the aim of bringing the best to students, the school is always proactive in updating the best technical facilities, to meet the maximum learning and practice needs of students. This ensures students have enough practical knowledge before working in the actual environment.
EASB provides students with a comprehensive living environment. With a private campus of more than 37,000 square meters, accommodating up to 6,000 students with full campus, library area, training center, sports area, … that many other schools do not have. Not only that, the school has 04 clubs: Leo Club; Decoring Club; Performing Club; Toastmaster Club where students can explore many of their own skills and help students take a break after school as well as ensure students develop in the most comprehensive way.
EASB offers a comprehensive and outstanding English language program. With international students, the school always gives them an effective English preparation program to help them quickly master and master this language to easily study in the academic program.
EASB has a credit transfer program with about 30 famous universities in UK, Australia, New Zealand. At EASB, students can study international standard programs with superior quality and programs, and upon completion of the school program, students will receive a University degree from the prestigious partner schools of EASB.

Reputable partner schools
Cardiff Metropolitan University
In 2003, the school was voted by the Sunday Times magazine of England as one of the four best schools in Wales
The famous British Times magazine, in the UK-2004 Student Guide to Good Universities (Times Good University Guide 2004) writes: “University of Wales Institute, Cardiff is one of the best in the UK. “.
UWIC is rated by students as the leading school in Wales and ranked 4th in the UK in terms of service quality
In 2001, UWIC was the first university to receive the prestigious UK government certificate of excellence for three consecutive years.
UWIC is also one of the few UK schools to be certified by the British government for excellence in the quality of training and student satisfaction.
95% of its students find jobs after 6 months of graduation
Queen Margaret University
The rate of students having a job after graduation is high, 93.8% of students find a job after 6 months of graduation according to HESA 2014
Ranked 36th with the hospitality and resort industry, according to The Sunday Time University Guide 2014
Won the winner for the category of Leadership and Group Management Talent organized by Times Higher Education and Leadership Management Awards in 2012.
Ranked 35th in the UK according to The Times Good University Guide 2014
Ranked No. 71 in the UK overall according to the Sunday Times University Guide
University of Edinburgh
It is one of the oldest universities in the world and top quality education in the world and ranked 17th (QS World University Ranking2013) in the ranking of the best universities in the world.
With 95% of full-time students finding employment within 6 months of graduation, the University of Edinburgh is the only Russell Group in the Scottish capital to make it into the Top 10.
The school is currently ranked 1st in Scotland and 5th in the UK and 52 in the world for the quality of training and degrees. The school is also the place that once cloned the famous Dolly sheep, or created the first genetically modified hepatitis B vaccine.
The Edinburgh Business School’s MBA program is the largest in the world (Financial Times 2012). More than 40% of Fortune 500 companies have employees in the program.
Top 10 in the UK with majors: financial accounting, administration, business administration, marketing, …
Sheffield Hallam University
Sheffield Hallam University is one of the UK’s largest universities
Ranked 4th in the UK with majors: Hotel tourism, resort, … according to The Times / Sunday Times 2014 League Table
Belonging to the top 80 universities in the UK.
In 2014, the university rose to 25 places in the UK research ranking – Research Quality Framework – with 65% of the research projects submitted by the university were rated as internationally excellent or world-class. gender.
Courses at school
EASB offers intensive training courses from undergraduate to postgraduate in the fields of hospitality, economics and nursing, and engineering. With a flexible learning structure associated with practice, regularly updating requirements from the market, the school’s curriculum is widely recognized internationally.

At the same time, the school also has an English course and a university preparatory program that serves students who do not have the opportunity to study and gain a degree from the school. EASB is also proud to be the school with the best quality English training in Singapore, the program has a reasonable teaching structure to ensure that students who finish the program will be fully qualified to continue to study programs. more in-depth knowledge.


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