Introducing ERC Singapore Academy

ERC Singapore Academy (ERCi) is one of the top schools in Singapore. The school was founded by renowned business administrators in the Asia region, with the aim of training excellent young leaders.

ERC Academy always accompanies students in the search for a treasure of knowledge. We are always proud of the team of professional and enthusiastic lecturers in the career of education, and well-educated Advisory Boards from many leading companies and corporations in the fields of Business, Finance – Banking, Hotel Tourist. Students will have the opportunity to experience a new, highly practical method of learning, in order to define their goals while still sitting in school, and at the same time have the right direction in choosing a career. I love it.

In 2014 ERC Academy moved to a new campus located in the heart of Singapore with comfortable classrooms and a sports room located on the campus.

Survey results of Jobcentral 2015, there are 96.4% of the school’s students find jobs after 3 months of graduation.

ERC Institute Singapore partner university
University of Greenwich: As one of the largest and modern universities in the UK, Greenwich attracts more than 20,000 students, including more than 4,000 students from more than 80 countries around the world, and has 3 campuses. : Avery Hill and Maritime Greenwich are located in the capital London. The school always sets high demands on the quality of teaching and creates professional training and research opportunities for its faculty. Therefore, 252 university lecturers have achieved high results in recent research exams. For its high achievement in education, the school has been awarded 2 Queen’s awards for research for graduate programs. These awards demonstrate the school’s outstanding quality of training, as well as the advantages the school offers its students.

Wolverhampton University: With more than 150 years of experience in training, the School has become the leading training place in the UK with the motto of providing students with innovation, creativity, and becoming excellent people. The school has many training faculties such as: Science, Education, Law, Engineering, Art, Sports, Business, .. The school has 6 campuses in the UK.

Conditions for registration of courses at ERC Academy:
1. Foundation course at ERC Singapore Academy
Completion of grade 10 in Vietnam, IELTS score 5 or completion of level 2 at ERCi; Completion of the course students enter the advanced college program 20 months
2. Advanced 20-Month College ERC Academy (including colleges):
Completion of grade 12 in Vietnam, IELTS score 5; If students only complete the 9th grade program in Vietnam, they must attend the preparatory course before entering the main course. After completing the course, students will continue to study the final year university program.
3. Bachelor of the last year from ERC Academy University:
Completion of advanced college program at ERC, IELTS score of 6.0. Students completing year 3 of Vietnam university are considered for direct admission exemption or reduction (the result of the examination depends on the student’s study program in Vietnam)
4. ERC Academy Master:
UOW: graduated from university, 4 years of compulsory work experience, IELTS 5, over 23 years old.
UOG: graduated from Vietnamese university, no work experience required, IELTS 5

Other costs in addition to the ERC Academy tuition
1 / Admission fee (Including tuition insurance and health insurance. Payment at enrollment and non-refundable)
Fee for first course: S $ 650 (7% GST not included)
Fees for the next courses next: S $ 550 (not including 7% GST)
(Eduzone students will receive SGD 150 off the first enrollment fee)

2 / Administrative fees during the study period:
S $ 650 (7% GST excluded, only one payment for all courses)
3 / Health examination fee: 65S $ (to be paid in Singapore)
4. Student Pass Fee: S $ 120 (paid in Singapore)

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