Employment experience after graduating from Singapore Study Abroad

After graduating from school, finding a good job in Singapore is the dream of many students. There have been many children who have succeeded but many have failed. So what is the reason and how to easily find a job in Singapore?

To find a job in Singapore, you must plan early and meticulously. It’s like a race to enter that university. After graduation, you have 30 days in Singapore under the form of Social Visits, so how can you find a job within 30 days? The advice is to find employers and apply early (about 6 months before graduation). You should regularly attend work fairs at your school, read newspapers or surf the internet to hunt for jobs. If you find anything that suits you, submit your CV and wait for the interview opportunity. Never let it be until graduation before looking for a job.

Another issue is that writing CV or interview skills is extremely important. How to make your CV stand out from other candidates? How does your interviewing skills appeal to employers? This you have to learn. You can study by yourself and through online classes. Learning to communicate, confidently in front of the crowd …

And the last thing you should remember is that it will be much more difficult to find a job by yourself. Fortunately, many schools now have career guidance rooms or rooms to assist students in this. For example, Kaplan Singapore Institute has its own Job Support Department. This department coordinates with Talent MarketPlace to provide job hunting services for Kaplan’s students after graduation.
At the last semester of students, students wishing to find jobs in Singapore will apply to the job support room located on the 6th floor of PoMo Campus. Students will be trained in interviewing methods and job application skills, the unit will also find companies that want to recruit to apply jobs for students.
Besides, every year, Kaplan Singapore organizes a job fair with thousands of employers attending. This is a great opportunity for Kaplan students to find jobs like that and seek opportunities to settle in Singapore.
Hopefully, through the article you have found a way to find a job confidently in Singapore.
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