College of Aviation and Tourism of Singapore SDH Academy

SDH Singapore Academy is famous for its training programs in Hotel Tourism Majors in Singapore. With prestige and quality in the training process, the school continues to be the pioneers in opening a major in Aviation and tourism training in Singapore.

SDH Singapore Academy was established in 2007, is a training institute specialized in hospitality management from Colleges, Advanced Colleges, Universities to Masters, with EduTrust 4 years – practical study program. a mix of theory and paid internships – internationally recognized faculty with a degree will help graduates from SDH achieve their success in their careers.

For the aviation and tourism major, the school is honored to cooperate with the IATA-The International Air Transport Association – The International Air Transport Association is the most influential Aviation association in the world. gender. IATA provides advisory and training services in many key areas to Aviation, supports airline operations, helps develop industry policies and standards, and produces statistics and forecast analysis.

Some information about IATA:
Including 290 airlines
Represented in over 117 countries around the world
Accounting for 82% of total air traffic mile seats
Career-oriented curriculum
Salary internship program
Specialized lecturers come from Changi Airport and Singapore
Details: Diploma in Aviation and travel operations (DATO)
SDH’s Diploma of Aviation and Travel Activities prepares students to confidently step into the booming global travel industry. Home to the world’s best airline and airport, Singapore is a leading global aviation hub in the aerospace and aerospace industry.

Course duration: 9 months of theory + 6 months of paid practice.
Opening period 2020: September 30, 2020
Admission: Minimum 17 years old and IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.
Tuition: – 11,200SGD (3 Diploma degrees)
– SGD 8,700 (If only receive 1 certificate from SDH)

– Add 2,500SGD to the IATA diploma exam (The diploma is recognized on the TG)

Degree: Receive 3 Diploma degrees:
SDH Diploma in Aviation and Travel Operations
IATA Airport Operations Foundation
IATA Foundation in Travel and Tourism

The modules

Fundamentals of Tourism and Tourism (Foundation in Travel and Tourism)
Passenger Ground Services
Airport Operations
Aviation Security Awareness
Airport Ramp Services
The International Air Travel Industry (The International Air Travel Industry)
Academic Production Skills
Career Preparation Workshop (Career Preparation Workshop)
Internship (Industrial Attachment (6 months))
2019 is the 9th consecutive year Singapore Changi Airport has been rated as the best international airport in the world on the list of
In 2018, Singapore Airlines was recognized for the fourth time as the World’s Best Airline on Skytrax’s list, beating Qatar.
Singapore remains the IATA headquarters in the Asia Pacific region.
Singapore Changi Airport currently has 4 terminals: T1-T2-T3-T4, serving more than 100 airlines with more than 62.2 million passengers per year, 7200 flights per week, every 80 seconds. has a flight again and more than 50,000 people are working there.
By the end of 2020, Singapore will put into operation the 5th terminal: Terminal
Singapore has remained as the top travel destination since the Trump-Kim Summit, wealthy Asians, F1 or other global events.
CAAS-The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore: The Best Aviation Service Provider (by IATA Eagle Award).
SATS-Singapore Airport Terminal Services: Received Gold Medal for Airport Safety Award (2017).
Singapore has a wealth of experience delighting customers from diverse cultures

Enrollment Fee: SGD 351 (7% GST Included Tax)

In 2020, SDH will launch a scholarship program from 2,000 to 3,000 SGD for the program from College to Master.

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