Bergen Academy of Art and Design

Bergen Academy of Art and Design

Bergen Academy of Art -Design (KhiB) is a leading institution in the study of art and provided a highest education in Norway in the field of art and design.

The school is provided a stimulating environment and full of energy to develop new ideas and knowledge.

  1. Dynamic Environment

In KhiB you will enjoy a dynamic international environment with about 340 students and 100 staffs. KHiB is participated in international networks and encouraging exchange students in their studies.

The teaching staffs here are enthusiastic and always improving their knowledge, skills. About 30% of academic staffs are recruited internationally.

  1. The various training programs

Along with a dynamic environment for student, the curriculum in KhiB is quite diverse so that you have more chance to choose.

It is Bachelor degree with training time of 3 years, Master Programs of 2-year duration is in two areas of Art and Design. Moreover the school is provided teacher training program (PPU), which is the program for a period of 1 year for artists and designers to fulfill the dream of becoming their teachers. Here, artists, designers and experts are also provided other long-term training courses.

  1. Evaluation is based on ability

Your actual ability will decide whether you get admission to the Bergen Academy of Art and Design or not. In other words, your application will be considered on the basis of the work you send, the results of the assessment of competence profiles and a personal interview.

Especially the school is not trained a Bachelor degree in English and KHiB is admitted international students to study the research programs

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