Studying in Norway – Volda University College (VUC)

Volda University College (VUC) is located in a west coastal town of Norway, the school has about 4,000 students with over 200 international students.

Volda University College (VUC) was founded in 1994, it is provided a quality education to international class and renowned universities nationwide for journalism education.

  1. Research and development are the focus at the University

Research and development play an important role at the University. The school is encouraged students to engage in research projects to enhance their knowledge and experience for students.

  1. Modern equipment

With more equipment of modern technology in the classroom, students can easily access any of the computer labs on site. Modern library system can help access for searching for books and magazines all over the world. The school also has special rooms like studio, film rooms, group rooms and workshops and a reading room.

  1. Academic Program at the University

The University has six Master degree programs, 20 Bachelor degree programs and 450 research courses.

There are four faculties including Humanities and Education; Social science and history; Art and physical education; Communications and Journalism

A variety of subjects comprises: management and planning, music, art and design, film and theater, history, culture, religion, information technology, mathematics, outdoor life, teacher training; communications and journalism, animation, special pedagogy, social sciences and languages, etc.

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