Free from tuition at Narvik University College Narvik University College aims to become the leading technical center in higher education in Northern Norway and students are prepared with knowledge and skills for the globalization workplace as developed through the social environment and the international academy at Narvik University College. The […]

Studying in Norway – University of Agder Agder University is not offered courses as well as any academic degree in English. All language program is required a Norwegian proficiency, therefore you have to meet the requirements of the Norwegian. University of Agder (UIA) is located at the southern tip of […]

University of Science and Technology, Norway (NTNU) University of Science and Technology, Norway (NTNU) have strong research community in science and technology, social sciences, teacher education, arts and humanities, medicine, architecture and fine arts. It is specialized in the field of technology and natural sciences. The University is also offered […]

Stord / Haugesund University College Stord / Haugesund University College is a modern public higher education institution with average size of about 3300 students and 300 employees. The school was established on 01.08.1994, was merged from four independent colleges of Stord and Haugesund. The university is located on the island […]

The Arctic University of Norway (UIT) Details on the school The Arctic University of Norway is the university located in the northern in the world. It is located right in the edge of the Arctic towards the mission of the school in helping students explore global issues in clear and […]

Bergen Academy of Art and Design Bergen Academy of Art -Design (KhiB) is a leading institution in the study of art and provided a highest education in Norway in the field of art and design. The school is provided a stimulating environment and full of energy to develop new ideas […]

  Studying in Norway- Telemark University College Telemark University College (TUC) is a state University, as a non-profit organization is located in southeastern Norway. Currently, the school has about 6900 students. The University has 4 campuses located in Bo, Notodden, Porsgrunn and Rauland. To TUC, students have the opportunity to […]